The JSHealth Program

Are you ready to transform your mind, body and life?

Our signature JSHealth 8-week Program empowers you with the tools you need to live a happy, healthy and balanced life. Discover the philosophy that’s helped tens of thousands of people around the world.

The 8-week Challenge shows you how to:

  • Give up dieting
  • Eat with balance
  • Cook wholesome meals
  • Cleanse with food
  • Boost your energy
  • Ditch the scales
  • Love your body
  • Find weight balance for life
  • Reduce emotional eating
  • Balance your hormones
Pay $149 once off, or
$18.63 week by week

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Lifetime Access + Support for Only $149



How-to cooking videos as well as tips and tricks that show you just how easy healthy cooking can be. The JSHealth program supports vegans and vegetarians. The meals in the program have vegan substitutes and recipes.


Expert advice on emotional and disordered eating to help you heal your relationship with food and to find what works best for your body.


Summarising the practical elements of each week and giving you a plan of action.


Learn to eat well for life with shopping lists, healthy food swaps, main meal and snack ideas, and alternatives to coffee and alcohol.

Food Sensitivity Note: The JSHealth Meal Plan and Recipes are predominantly gluten-free, grain-free, sugar-free, dairy-free and include a vegan substitute or option.


Supporting you through each week, as you learn to live a healthy and balanced life forever.


Exclusive access to a members-only online forum, connecting you to the JSHealth community around the world.


  • Have you struggled to find balance with food and your weight?
  • Are you caught up in the toxic cycle of dieting?
  • Are you battling with emotional eating?
  • Or, are you a health-conscious person who’s ‘doing the right things’ but not seeing a difference?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, then this program is for you.
It’s a kind, gentle philosophy that’s designed to promote healthy, conscious living – for life.



Your new healthy lifestyle starts here


Prep for success


The art of stressing less


Reset & respect your body


Find balance with food, weight and your lifestyle


Heal your gut and learn to be mindful


Boost your energy, and banish bingeing and emotional eating


Cleanse your mind, body and life


Hormones, healthy habits and rituals


How to live the healthy life for life – putting it all together


Sign up any time, anywhere
Receive instant access to prep week
Unlock a new week every Sunday


Every week hones in on a different health topic in relation to each of these four pillars:


Nutritional principles that teach you how your body works so you can heal it in a holistic way.


Fuss-free, quick and delicious recipes and cooking tips.


Movement, mindset and rituals with balance in mind, to help you put everything into practice.


Removing anxiety, fear and stress around eating for a healthier relationship with food.


Learn to cook delicious and affordable meals with ease – includes vegetarian & vegan options!

Lifetime Access + Support for Only $149




When I talk about dieting, bingeing and emotional eating, I speak from experience. I discovered diets at the age of 14 and battled through more than 10 years of disordered eating. The obsession with my weight controlled every area of my life.


This program is designed to help you to reach your natural, balanced weight.


Pay $149 once off, or
$18.63 week by week

Buy now, start anytime and have access for life.


  • The Difference Between The JSHealth Program & The JSHealth App

    The 8-Week Program

    • In-depth program that guides you through the JSHealth lifestyle over eight weeks
    • Shows you how to give up dieting and restrictive eating – for life
    • Helps you overcome emotional or disordered eating
    • Helps you find balance with food and your lifestyle
    • Provides an accessible way to maintain wellbeing for life
    • Gives you access to hundreds of healthy recipes and daily rituals
    • Includes plenty of resources in PDF format to help you on your journey
    • Ideal for people who enjoy structure and need extra support to kickstart their health journey

    The JSHealth App

    • Keeps you on track with your health and wellbeing
    • Provides you with hundreds of healthy recipes and a shopping list
    • Includes a daily meal planner and a weekly planner
    • Features more than 50 health guides
    • Workouts for all levels by top Australian trainers
    • Contains body love support, meditations and gratitude exercises
    • Perfect for people who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle with flexibility
    • Ideal for those who have completed the 8-Week Program and want to continue living the JSHealth lifestyle with ease
  • What is the difference between 'The JSHealth Program' and ‘The Healthy Life’ (Book 1) & ‘Living the Healthy Life’ (Book 2)?

    My first book, The Healthy Life, was a summary of all that I learnt during nutrition school. It contains my 10 principles that helped me personally to heal my body and live a healthier life. The recipes in my first book are the ones I first discovered when I turned from a fad dieter to a whole food eater.

    The second book, Living the Healthy Life, contains the powerful and in-depth content to help you achieve a healthier life and body – whereas 'The JSHealth Program' will practically teach you how to implement my principles. The book is what you can refer to at all times for further explanation. Living the Healthy Life also focuses on healing your relationship with food and finding balance with food. I talk about how to quit fad dieting forever, and give ourselves the freedom to stop feeling guilty about food. It contains heart-felt personal anecdotes of my own health challenges and very much focuses on how to have a healthier relationship with food; it hones in on disordered eating and orthorexia, which I believe is the next big health challenge we will face. Orthorexia is a fear of eating anything but healthy food, and when someone becomes obsessive and restrictive with healthy food and eating – to the point of imbalance.

    'The JSHealth Program' contains videos that will teach you HOW to cook quick and wholesome recipes, instead of just giving you the recipes on their own and will guide you from A-Z on how to live the healthy life. It contains cooking videos, interactive exercises, movement tips, lifestyle videos, personal anecdotes, lifestyle planners, shopping lists and much more. While there are some recipes in the program, my second book (Living The Healthy Life) is what should be used alongside the program for recipe support/meal ideas.

  • What do I get as a member of ‘The JSHealth Program’?

    By joining ‘The JSHealth Program’ you will receive access to:

    • Over 60 Resource PDFs, which you can either view online or download and print, that provide you with additional information to support you; including, shopping lists, healthy food swaps and main meal and snack ideas, and alternatives to coffee and alcohol
    • 20+ videos from Jess, supporting you through each week as you learn to live a healthy and balanced life forever
    • How-to’ cooking videos, trips and tricks which show you how easy healthy cooking should be.
    • Expert advice on emotional and disordered eating to help you heal your relationship with food and find what works best for your body.
    • 8 weekly lifestyle planners which summarise your week’s plan of action
    • Exclusive access to the JSHealth community online forum, connecting you to #jshealthgirls from around the world, so you never feel alone

    In addition to this, each week of The JSHealth Program focuses on a specific area of health:

    The 8 week focuses are:

    • Week 1 – The Art of Stressing Less
    • Week 2 – Rest & Respect Your Body – Sleep & Blood Sugar Control
    • Week 3 – Hormones, Healthy Habits & Rituals
    • Week 4 – Heal your Gut & Ditch the Guilt
    • Week 5 – Boost your Energy & Banish Emotional Eating
    • Week 6 – Cleanse your Mind, Body & Life
    • Week 7 – Finding Balance – with Food, Weight & Your Lifestyle
    • Week 8 – How to Live the Healthy Life For Life – Putting it all together
  • Is ‘The JSHealth Program’ run from a specific start date for a set 8-weeks, or can I start when it suits me?

    The JSHealth Program will be released on February 12th 2017, but you can sign up and start The JSHealth Program any time after that, from anywhere in the world. It is not run in 'rounds' as we wanted to ensure that no-one would be limited to doing it if that specific date didn't suit them! We have also created an online forum, where you can chat to other participants on your specific week so you never feel alone on your journey.

  • How do I join ‘The JSHealth Program’?
    • You can sign up via the ‘Join Now’ or ‘Sign Up’ link above on any day of the week, and receive immediate access to Pre-Program ('Prep') content.
    • This 'Prep' content will prepare you kitchen, pantry and mindset for The JSHealth Program.
    • You will then receive the content for Week 1 on the next Sunday after you sign up.
    • On each following Sunday for the duration of the 8-week program, we unlock the content, videos, recipes for the week ahead to keep you steadily on track!
  • Can I share a membership?

    ‘The JSHealth Program’ is designed for you only – each membership gives you your personal account to the JSHealth Online Forum, where you can interact with all the other members of ‘The JSHealth Program’ around the world.

    As a member, you will also have your own personal journal and e-notepad built into The JSHealth Program, with weekly reflection questions from Jess to help you record your progress and track your mindset over the course of the 8 weeks.

  • I don’t cook my own meals, can I still follow ‘The JSHealth Program’?

    The JSHealth Program doesn't come with daily recipes or specific meal plans (although there are plenty of meal guides/ideas). The recipes are more tutorials around how to prepare meals, roast vegetables, tips and tricks for cooking fish/proteins, why to eat certain foods (proteins/fats to keep you satiated etc.).

    The ‘8 Week Meal Plan’ in The JSHealth Program gives four options for each meal, so there’s lots of variety. The meals are simple enough that anyone could easily create them. However, we encourage you to cook as much as you can to get the most out of The JSHealth Program.

    In fact, recipes are only really a quarter of the content, as The JSHealth Program also covers lifestyle, nutrition and content on having a healthy & balanced relationship with food, exercise and our bodies.

  • I also cook for my partner/other members of my family, can I still follow ‘The JSHealth Program’? Are the meals suitable for them?

    Yes, the meals are still suitable and I provide healthy alternatives to your family’s favourite meals. My suggestion is to encourage family members to join you and show them how delicious healthy food can be. The meal plan is simple enough that you won’t find it hard to incorporate into your family meal time.

  • Can I do ‘The JSHealth Program’ if I’m vegetarian/vegan/paleo/lactose-intolerant/paleo?

    Yes, you can. I offer vegan & vegetarian swaps for each of the main meal options. Most meals are gluten-free, grain-free and dairy-free.

  • How much support will I get on ‘The JSHealth Program’?

    As much as you need. You will have direct access to a support email address, where you can ask any questions at anytime. You will also be a part of an exclusive, members-only live forum; where you can chat to other people going through the weeks with you, so you feel supported.

  • Can you lose weight on The JSHealth Program?

    This program is designed to help you to reach your best and most balanced weight. This is the formula I would prescribe to clients in my clinic, where I got amazing results.

    I believe weight loss is a result of a healthy life. Week 7 goes in-depth into reaching your balanced weight, but the principles in each week focus on restoring your entire body, which will in turn allow it to reach its optimal weight. For example, gut health, sleep, stress, thyroid health and blood sugar balance are directly linked to weight loss. On the other hand, dieting makes weight loss much more difficult in the long-term, which is why I do not advocate it and why this program helps you give up diets for life.. Instead, I focus on helping you to eat in a way that works best for your body. And, if you are underweight, The JSHealth Program will help you to connect to your body again and to build a healthier relationship with food.

  • Can I do The JSHealth Program if I am pregnant?

    It is recommended that you seek permission and guidance from your health care practitioner before starting any new diet or exercise regime, including 'The JSHealth Program'.

  • Can I do The JSHealth Program if I work full-time?

    Yes, absolutely. This program is designed to show you how quick and easy healthy living can (and should!) be. The ‘8 week meal plan’ will allow you to have different options that will suit your schedule. I give lots of tips and tricks for the busy bees.

  • After the 8 weeks is up - do we lose access to all the content?

    Absolutely not. You can keep it for life. My goal is that you can keep referring back to it at all times and do it as often as you need.

  • Can I do the program if I travel often? As someone who is a frequent traveller…

    As someone who is a frequent traveler for work, I have had you in my mind whilst writing the program. The meal plan and eating guide can be followed from anywhere. I have added a few options underneath each meal time as well as ‘on the go’ tips and meal options. I have also included a Travel Tips document into the General Resources section, which will assist you while you're travelling; it includes all the things I do personally whilst travelling.

  • Can I drink coffee and alcohol during the 8 weeks?

    Exciting news! Yes you can! I just teach you how to enjoy them moderately and with balance to achieve your best body and life.